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Mandarin Program

Taipei City University of Science and Technology - Mandarin Center

  TPCU Chinese Language Center is a specialized department of TPCU providing a platform for foreign students to learn Mandarin. Other than complete hardware equipment, we are equipped with strictly screened, purpose trained and qualified faculty. The Center provides adequate learning environment and appropriate program for foreign students of different qualification to learn Mandarin. It is expected that foreign students learning in this Center will have the access to the Chinese Culture pleasantly at minimum cost.

  The programs of this center begins from basic, middle, high and advance classes. The basic class starts from pronounciation to words and sentences practices. Middle class starts from reinforcing of standard pronounciation to paper and magazine reading. The high class starts from discussion and questioning drillsto high-end conversation for further student’s ability in communication in various occasions. In the skillful instruction, the instructors also pass the philosophy in Chinese culture to inspire students to know more about the folks and culture of Chinese.

  Student interested and in need may request one to one instruction to have direct dialogue by initiative of student in asking questions and instructor join the discussion to rapidly increase and accumulate the learning results. Students may also utilize audio and video equipment of the school to make film replay and other after-class practices

  Dear friends from abroad all over the world, please let us know from time to time, the way you feel about this center and the suggestions you may have, including instruction manner, instruction environment and living support. You may contact the office or just your instructor. We need them to improve and to gear to your need an d your well being. This is one of the ways to ensure that you have your time and dollar valued.


  Chinese culture and language are deep in contents and wide in coverage. It would be rather difficult to master it without guide of master hands. In recent decade, Chinese culture is riding in parallel with English and is expected to become one of the most commonly employed languages in the world. Many governments in the world are trying their best to trained and search for talents in Chinese language and culture. Learning Mandarin and other Chinese language will bring you the most accurate pronunciation and best patterned Chinese languages by placing yourself at site. Furthermore, in Taiwan, you will find the most orthodox culture of Chinese, while in other places, they may be twisted or modified. This is why so many people come to Taiwan to master Chinese languages. In view of the above, we prepared the best in hardware and software to meet with the needs in training elites from all over the world. It is our hope that you will be the seeds to carry Chinese culture to every corner of the world.

  The future outlook of our school Chinese Mandarin Center is good, with fostering support coming from the staff and specially from the principal itself. Our Mandarin Learning Center will act as conduit, not only we are recruiting, the best good quality students but by absorbing good students and educate them. The result coming from the training will surely have fruitful results, this will give pioneer to our nation’s cultural economic trade, politics a showcase for outside world. This will enhance Chinese western cultured exchange, promote international cooperation, exchange communication or dialogue and raise the nation in international political and economic trade status.

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